As long as I write
I will breathe

Suburban toilet

Sometimes, I hide away from everyone

In the suburban toilet;

Just like that I sneak out

So no one can notice.

That’s when I take out my fountain pen,

Skillfully hidden in a tight sock,

And grab the paper meant

For wiping much cleaner

Parts of homosapiens.


In the loud suburban restrooms,

The dirtiest rhymes of my century

Were born

And nobody ever

Even suspected

That such a passion could grow

In a small

Suburban toilet.



The latest

I wonder what torment it must have made it choose to spend its life walking around, convincing people that it actually exists.


-about the limit-


Remember, there are many ways to travel. Let words to become your wings.

Saznaj prvi o novim avanturama 🙂

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