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I wonder what torment it must have made it choose to spend its life walking around and convincing people that it actually exists.


-about the limit-

Miljana Marković

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Miljana Marković

I have been struggling with this section, which asks me to put down on paper who I am, for days. Yes, I could say that I’m a former professional swimmer, a former nurse, a current Interactive Media Design student, a poet, a photographer, a video editor, a travel blogger, and a content creator.

However, the little girl in me revolts and screams at the very thought of putting myself in one of these labels. For that reason, I suppose it’s more appropriate to say that we are one, the little girl and me. She is me, I am her, and together we have itchy feet; we constantly hear the call of the wild and adventures of unexplored. We are hungry for knowledge, which is why we long ago abandoned a secure career with a good income that tried to separate us. On that occasion, we vowed to never again do something just because others said it should be done and that there is no other way to do it.

The little girl inside me and I together create our own paths, face fear head-on, embrace challenges, and with open heart, we look forward to all those who want to share their journey through the story called ,,life‘‘ with us. Are you one of them?


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