As long as I write
I will breathe

My little girl

I broke the little girl inside me

it was a decision making day in a time of a crisis

And people knew that there was no more time left for the games

On that exact day

I took a favorite doll

Out of my little girls hands,

Throw it on the floor

And broke them both.

How much strength is took her to not even cry,

and she never did .

She smiled with an adults laugh,

She made herself new, serious toys

And it seamed that she forgot about her

cheerful little doll and all their timeless games.

It seamed that she was doing all right.

God, will she ever forgive me?



The latest poetry

I wonder what torment it must have made it choose to spend its life walking around and convincing people that it actually exists.


-about the limit-

Remember, there are many ways to travel. Allow words to become your wings.

Saznaj prvi o novim avanturama 🙂

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