As long as I write
I will breathe

Loud prankster

I woke up loving,

Loving a loud prankster,

Generally skilled conversationalist

And then, I fell in love with the artist.


I woke up in a dream,

Lost within his poems

About a woman with class,

Wise spirits, red wine,

And beauty in the observers eyes.


I woke up thrilled,

Rushing to lips that were not mine,

Kissing until the garments of shame

Ended up beneath our last piece of pride.


I woke up frightened

For my very life,

Because how could ever fall in love

The person who’s been loving

The same prankster

Her whole life?



The latest poetry

I wonder what torment it must have made it choose to spend its life walking around, convincing people that it actually exists.


-about the limit

Remember, there are many ways to travel. Allow words to become your wings.

Saznaj prvi o novim avanturama 🙂

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